Model 231
Metalfer S.p.A. is glad to announce the achievement of a relevant goal in its business activities: the adoption of the Organisation, Management and Control Model according to the ex-decree law n..231/01 ( hereafter Model 231) and a Code of Ethics.

In order to comply the control system with the governmental law 231/2001, in the last months the company carried out a special plan aimed at implementing a system which prevents and manages risk. The whole project is prompted both to the rules of the decree law 231/2001 and to the principles of its governance.

When the project was accomplished , the company adopted Model 231 at board on November 21, 2012 and a Supervisory Board was entrusted with the task of verifying how it functions.

The members of the Board are:
Mr. Andrea Pedroni (Chairman)
Mr. Stefano Zavattini 
Mr. Marco Fossati

The Code of Ethics adopted , clearly and transparently sets forth the core values Metalfer conforms to, and it was intended to establish clear standards of behavior while performing business activities. The present code is mandatory for the company and the rules of the code address all the members involved.

Metalfer also requires that every individual involved in the company ( subsidiaries, business parteners, suppliers , customers….) must operate according to the general principles of the code, without neglecting religious, cultural and social differences.

The Code of Ethics and the abridged version of Model 231 apply to the whole company and are available in PDF. It is fundamental for each individual, who approaches the company,to receive adequate information on the guidelines in Model 231and in the code of ethics.

In addition any violation of the regulations compliant with the these documents must be reported to the Supervisory Board odv@metalferspa.it, and the matter must be communicated not anonymously, still safeguarding the individuals right to privacy.
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