Drawing unit with diameter from 20 to 180 mm, max thickness 10mm, with a production of 35,000 tons.
Metalfer Corbetta (Milan): a drawing unit for tubes of diameter from 20mm to 180mm, with a maximum thickness of 10mm, and with an annual production of over 35,000 tonnes.

This production site provides Metalfer with real production alternatives for its most important customers, for whom Metalfer has assumed technical and quality responsibilities for years, as a sole supplier. The production plants of Roè Volciano and Corbetta are fully interchangeable and thus enable the company to cover 100% of the required supplies.

The production processes, which are subjected to strict certification, and the continuous standardized production cycles at both plants guarantee not only the highest quality standard but also, and more importantly, continuous quality at the highest possible levels.
Via Zanella, 2
20011 Corbetta (MI) – Italy
Tel +39 02 97 27 19 48
Fax +39 02 97 27 71 53
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