Roè Volciano

Headquarter of the group and factory dedicated to drawing with diameter from 8 mm to 235 mm, annual production of 45,000 tons.
Metalfer Roè Volciano next to Salò on Garda Lake, the group’s headquarters and a factory specialising in drawing tubes of diameter from 8mm to 235mm, with a maximum thickness of 13,5mm, and with an annual production of over 45,000 tonnes.

Staff training is deeply influenced by the complete knowledge of the end use of the production batches, taking into account the related problems and the extra skills required in order to excel in each sector.

The exclusive know-how acquired in the main sectors of the automotive industry makes Metalfer the main partner for the research and development centres of the leading suppliers of original equipment for the car industry.

Its ability to collaborate in the production of new products and in the practical analysis of special technical requirements enables the company to investigate and test various production options that ensure the obtainment of the very highest product quality standards.

Its broad range of customers in this sector has considerably increased the extent to which each technical and production aspect is studied.
Via G. Frua, 3
25077 Roè Volciano (BS)- Italy
Tel. +39 0365 63381
Fax +39 0365 63054
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